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What is Crystal and what is Glass?


What is Crystal and what is Glass?

Do you know the difference between Glass and Crystal?     (reprinted from CrystalEdge® newsletter) What is Crystal and what is Glass?


Technically the difference is determined by a “REFRACTIVE INDEX” scale.  This scale determines the clarity level of a product? Crystal (depending on the quality) has a relatively high refractive index whereas glass has a lower value. A high index reading (of above 1.5) is generally considered crystal and below this it is glass. The refractive index scale determines the clarity of any clear material by its ability to transmit light through it, or deflect light traveling at it, at the speed of light. Glass generally has a refractive index of 1.46 or lower and Optic Crystal is 1.52 and higher. By comparison a cut diamond has an index of 2.42.


Next blog the non technical definition!


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