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Welcome to our first blog!


Welcome to our first blog!

It marks a season of new beginnings for Classic Crystal and Glass. My intention of creating this blog is to be an authentic and valuable resource with a personal touch like custom awards provide.  I will share my expertise and acquired experience and new discoveries with you as an authority in my field.

I am also grateful for the last 24 years of opportunity to serve our customers.  You are the best in the world!  Polite and courteous, punctual and professional and you really do appreciate the value of our recognition awards and crystal engraving services.  I acknowledge your confidence and trust in our word to express your sentiment to the people and organizations you want to recognize and celebrate.  My wife, Socorro agrees, "Our job is to make you look good!"

So, we pledge to continue to grow in skill and knowledge.  We are committed to be creative and inspired to your success with excellence.

Yours Most Truly,

Lee & Socorro Dunn


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