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Trophy Glass simply defined



Glass is an extremely hard material that is very commonly used in the trophy, award and recognition industries. Known as flat glass it is available with a green tint, referred to as Jade Glass, or in a clear glass with a slight blue tint, known as Crystal Clear Glass.  Glass with other tints (gray, bronze, black & blue) are also available. Jade Glass gets its green tint from an iron ore content that is inherent in the silica sand that is used to produce flat glass. Crystal Clear glass (also known as low iron glass) uses a more pure silica sand that has virtually no iron ore content. It is also a very hard glass. Premium quality Crystal Clear glass is almost a clear as Optic Crystal, but it is not actually crystal. Some of the brand names for this type of glass are Starphire® Diamant® Krystal Klear® Optiwhite™ and Vitroluz™. Crystal Clear glass is a preferred product for etching and color filling applications as it’s clarity is excellent at a reasonable price.


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